CATS Costumes for Sale

Adult costumes for up to 50 performers – offers in region of £2,400

If you are planning a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS in the near future, then we have a huge set of adult costumes, including many wigs, for the show available to buy at an amazing price.

These are non-replica costumes (ie. they are not identical to any professional production) that have been approved by the license holders of the show. The base set was originally created for a production in Leamington in May 2019, before being enhanced and added to for our own production in November 2019.

All the reviews of our show commended how amazing the costumes were. You can read our reviews here.

So, why hire a set of costumes, when you can have your own? Benefits include:

  • Own the costumes well in advance of your production.
  • Take your time fitting the costumes to your own performers. Mix-and-match the different elements as you see fit.
  • Give yourself publicity opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Take cast photos in full costume early for posters, leaflets and social media purposes.
  • It could be cheaper to buy them than to hire them!
  • Sell them on again! You might even be able to re-coup all your costume costs (or even more) for the production.

These costumes are available to the first offer in the region of £2,400. We will also include a few props used in our production for free – such as a wooden crate, the silks used for the ‘sea’ in the Growltiger number, some wooden cutlasses, a wooden ‘dressing rooms’ sign and a trampette.

For initial enquiries please contact Tony Jay on 01527 455001 or, after which you will be welcome to speak to our Costume Mistress for full details about the whole set of costumes and wigs on offer.

See for yourself how fabulous these costumes look in the photographs below…

Show Photographs