Roll of Honour

Our Presidents

Joseph A Hunt MBE1960 to 1969
W Harry Clarke1969 to 1977
Belle Lewis1977
Rev John Key1979 to 1981
Tony Morris1982
William C Evans OBE1982 to 1985
Norman Wheeler1985 to 1999
Alan Leadbeater1999 to 2013
Robert Taylor2014 to present

Our Chairmen

E James Mountford1960 to 1968
Norman Wheeler1968 to 1980
Alan Leadbeater1980 to 1999
Julian Wilson1999 to 2003
Ron Munro2003 to 2008
Tony Jay2008 to present

Norman Wheeler Memorial Award Winners

This annual award, dedicated to the memory of our late President Norman Wheeler, is presented at our AGM to a Society member who has, in one way or another, made an outstanding contribution to the Society in the past year.

Alison Adams2001
Tony Jay2002
Ann Duffin2003
Pearl Taylor2004
Jean Chalk2005
Alan Hirons2006
Jean Leadbeater2007
Bob Taylor2008
Alan Leadbeater2009
Tony Lacey2010
Alan Bugg2011
Roz Chalk2012
Paul Finch2013
Ryan Allen2014
Jean Chalk2015
Pauline Sherlock2016
Kelly Mitchell2017
Paula Lacey2018
Tessa Lodge2019
Deborah Mitchell2020
Tony Jay2021
Matt Bridgewater2023

Alan Leadbeater Memorial Award Winners

This annual award is in honour of our dear friend and President, Alan Leadbeater. It is the only award whose winner is chosen by our members attending the AGM, and is for their favourite performance of the year.

David Steele2014
David Steele2015
Lisa Lilwall2016
Mark Williams2017
Liz Bird2018
Paul Mitchell2019
Ryan Allen-Rose2020
Matt Bridgewater2023

NODA West Midland Area Awards

200442nd StreetBest ProgrammeNominated
2005Happy As A SandbagBest MusicalNominated
2007Jekyll And HydeBest MusicalWinner
2009Hot MikadoBest PosterNominated
2009Hot MikadoBest ProgrammeWinner
201050 Years Of ROSBest ProgrammeNominated
2011The King And IBest ProgrammeNominated
2011The King And IBest MusicalNominated
2012Summer HolidayBest ProgrammeWinner
2012Summer HolidayBest MusicalNominated
2013Whistle Down The WindBest MusicalNominated
2014Jesus Christ SuperstarBest MusicalWinner
2014Jesus Christ SuperstarBest ProgrammeWinner
2016The Witches Of EastwickBest MusicalNominated
2018White ChristmasBest MusicalNominated
2019CATSBest MusicalWinner