The audition panel would like to thank everybody who auditioned for a part in this show. Once again, the talent on show was extremely high. Congratulations to everybody who got a part, and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful on this occasion.

  • Captain Orton: John Lovell
  • Louis: Rafe Walker and Cavan O’Malley-Lavercombe
  • Anna: Liz Bird
  • Interpreter/Phra Alack: Sam Smith
  • The Kralahome: Michael Hawkins
  • The King: Tim Eagleton
  • Lun Tha: Dan Wainman
  • Tuptim: Vicky Prosser
  • Lady Thiang: Carole Massey
  • Crown Prince Chululongkorn: William Boyd-Isherwood and James Wiseman
  • Sir Edward Ramsay: Steve Sidaway

There were a couple of roles uncast after the auditions, which have been filled after discussions by the panel in line with the constitution.

We thank the members of the audition panel for their time and considerations at Sunday’s auditions.

Updated Sun 12 June to add names of boys taking the roles of Louis and The Crown Prince.