A big ‘thank you’ from the audition panel to everybody who auditioned for a part in Summer Holiday. We appreciate the effort that many of you made. Congratulations to everybody who got a part, and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful on this occasion.

  • Don: Jim Gough
  • Cyril: Sam Smith
  • Edwin: Michael Hastings
  • Steve: Alan Hastings
  • Barbara: Helen Hastings
  • Alma: Natalie Emeny
  • Angie: Roz Chalk
  • Mimsie: Natalie Cropps
  • Stella: Liz Bird
  • Jerry: Jonathan Busk
  • Wilf (Cafe Owner): Alan McCoy
  • Sandra (Waitress): Rachael Finch
  • Gendarme: Matt Moss
  • WPC: Joy Sidaway
  • Wrightmore: Steve Sidaway
  • Bride: Jennifer Talbot
  • Customs Officer: John Lovell
  • Backing Singers: Sarah-Jane Busk, Carole Massey, Paula Lacey

Updated Sun 15 July to add names of characters and further cast list.

The committee would like to thank the members of the audition panel for their time and considerations at Sunday’s auditions.