The audition panel would like to thank everybody who auditioned for a part in Whistle Down the Wind. As expected, the competition was very fierce, and the panel heard some wonderful auditions.

Very many congratulations to everybody who got a part in this show. Commiserations to those who were not successful on this occasion, but we really appreciated your efforts.

Here’s to a fabulous show in November!

  • Minister: Tim Eagleton
  • Swallow: Emma Hopcroft
  • Brat: Caitlin Moonan and Millie Henderson Purvis
  • Poor Baby: Billy Vale and Joshua White
  • Edward: Mark Wright
  • Earl: David Eagleton
  • Amos: Ryan Allen
  • Sheriff: Alastair Butler
  • Deputy: Matthew Moss
  • Snake Preacher: Tom Bowes
  • Boone: Laurence Sutton
  • The Man: David Steele
  • Candy: Suzy Hill

The committee would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the members of the audition panel for their time and for doing this difficult, but important job for us.