We have just seen a truly astonishing round of auditions.

Thank you, so much, to every one of you who gave your time to prepare and perform for the panel this week. It is often said (but never so true as in this case) that we could have cast the roles many times over, which is a wonderful position for any Society to be in.

Update 27/7/2014: We are delighted to announce that the role of ‘Mary’ in Jesus Christ Superstar will now be played by Lisa Lilwall. Our previous Mary – Suzy Hill – has won a great new job that will take her out of the area. We are sad to see Suzy leave, but wish her every success in her new career position.

The updated cast list is now:

  • Judas: Laurence Sutton
  • Jesus: David Steele
  • Mary: Lisa Lilwall
  • Peter: Paul Mitchell
  • Simon: Mark Williams
  • Caiaphas: Matt Turner
  • Annas: John Reeves
  • Priest 1: Sam Smith
  • Priest 2: Ryan Allen
  • Priest 3: Tony Lacey
  • Pontius Pilate: Tim Eagleton
  • Solo Leper 1: Roz Chalk
  • Solo Leper 2: Vicky Khawaja
  • Solo Leper 3: Dylan Faulkner
  • Solo Leper 4: David Edmonds
  • Solo Mob 1: Danielle Hurley
  • Solo Mob 2: Rosie Kemp
  • Solo Mob 3: Steve Sidaway
  • Solo Mob 4: Mark Wright
  • Maid by the Fire: Penny Hoy
  • Herod: Tony Jay

Very many congratulations to everybody who got the part they wanted in this show. Commiserations to those who were not successful on this occasion, but we really appreciated your efforts.

Here’s to the most incredible show in November! Thank you, everybody.