Thank you very much indeed to everyone who auditioned for a part in the show. Many congratulations to those who got the role they wanted. Commiserations to those of you who were not successful on this occasion.

We are delighted to announce the cast list (so far) will be as follows:

  • Calamity Jane: Lisa Lilwall
  • Wild Bill Hickock: Mark Williams
  • Katie Brown: Emma Hopcroft
  • Danny Gilmartin: Sam Smith
  • Adelaide Adams: Penny Hoy
  • Henry Miller: Tim Eagleton
  • Francis Fryer: Ryan Allen
  • Susan: Kelly Johnson
  • Rattlesnake: Matt Turner
  • Joe the Barman (inc solo): John Reeves
  • Hank and Pete (scouts): Jacob Finch and Charlie Powell
  • Suitors: David Eagleton, Josh King, Mark Wright

There are still a few small, named character parts that will be given out by the production team in the near future.

Here’s to another fabulous show in November! Thank you, everybody.