The audition panel would like to thank sincerely everyone who made time to audition for a role in ‘Witches’, and pass on our congratulations to those who got a principal role. A big ‘thank you’, too, to those who were not successful on this occasion.

We’ve got a fabulous cast, filled with experience, but also including some new talent (to ROS) as well. The full list is as follows:

  • Alexandra Spofford (Alex): Louise Walton
  • Jane Smart: Lisa Lilwall
  • Sukie Rougemont: Danielle Hurley
  • Darryl van Horne: Mark Williams
  • Felicia Gabriel: Penny Hoy
  • Clyde Gabriel: Tim Eagleton
  • Jennifer Gabriel: Mollie Hallahan
  • Michael Spofford: Paul Mitchell
  • The Girl: Kelly Johnson
  • Fidel: Ab Yafai
  • Ed Parsley (the minister): John Reeves
  • Brenda Parsley: Gill Rowland
  • Gina Marino: Liz Bird
  • Greta Neff: Joy Sidaway
  • Joe Marino: Sam Smith
  • Raymond Neff: Ed Colwell
  • Rebecca (waitress): Grace Kemp

This is going to be another magical show. Thank you, everybody.