A very sincere THANK YOU to everybody who came to all the auditions for SISTER ACT. The Audition Panel certainly had a lot of talent to choose from, and appreciated the hard work everybody put in. The discussions were long and hard, but the panel are delighted to announce the full cast list as follows:

  • Deloris Van Cartier: Laura Woodall
  • Mother Superior: Eleanor Peberdy
  • Sister Mary Robert: Lucy Traves
  • Sister Mary Patrick: Emma Sansom
  • Sister Mary Lazarus: Liz Bird
  • Monsignor O’Hara: Sam Smith
  • Curtis: John Reeves
  • Eddie: Paul Mitchell
  • Joey: Matt Bridgewater
  • Pablo: Ryan Allen
  • TJ: Xavier Reeves
  • Ernie: Russell Hay
  • Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours: Carole Massey
  • Sister Mary Theresa: Jean Chalk
  • Sister Mary Agnes: Tessa Lodge
  • Sister Mary Ignatius: Roz Chalk
  • Sister Mary Colette: Wendy Stroud
  • Sister Mary Gertrude: Hannah Marshall
  • Sister Mary Anna: Vicky Khawaja
  • Sister Mary Eunice: Penny Hoy
  • Sister Mary Bernice: Janet Fryer
  • Michelle: Debs Mitchell
  • Tina: Kelly Mitchell
  • Candy: Lisa Smith
  • Sheryl: Steph Westwood
  • Babs: Elle Cross
  • Daphne: Maddy Flawn

Updated 27/8/17

Well done to everybody who got a principal role, and commiserations to those who were not successful on this occasion.

The show is going to be brilliant!

If you are not mentioned above, then you will still be nuns (ladies!), bar patrons/staff, citizens, congregation, fantasy dancers or other characters in the show. There are also a few remaining cameo roles to be given out at the discretion of the Director.