What a wonderful turn out, and an amazing set of auditions we enjoyed on Sunday 19 May. The Audition Panel would sincerely like to thank every person who came along – you all did yourselves proud!

As usual, we could have cast some parts many times over, and appreciate that some people will be disappointed. However, we hope you’ll agree that we have ended up with a fabulous cast list, as follows:

Principal Roles F

  • Bombalurina: KELLY FORRESTER
  • Cassandra: CAROLE MASSEY
  • Demeter: SOPHIE HILL
  • Electra: ROZ CHALK
  • Griddlebone: KELLY MITCHELL
  • Grizabella: LAURA WOODALL
  • Jellylorum: LIZ BIRD
  • Jemima: LUCY TRAVES
  • Jennyanydots: DANIELLE PURKESS
  • Rumpleteazer: CAITLIN MOONAN
  • Victoria: HOLLY LOVELL

 Principal Roles M

  • Bustopher Jones: TIM EAGLETON
  • Growltiger: WILLIAM BELDHAM
  • Mungojerrie: DAVID EAGLETON
  • Munkustrap: RYAN ALLEN-ROSE
  • Old Deuteronomy: MATT BRIDGEWATER
  • Quaxo: RUSSELL HAY
  • Rum Tum Tugger: PAUL MITCHELL
  • Skimbleshanks: JEREMY DOBBINS

 Dancing Roles       

  • Macavity: DEBS MITCHELL
  • Mr Mistoffelees: JACOB FINCH
  • Rumpus Cat: KIRSTIE BOYDEN

We would like all Principals to attend the first cast meeting (read/sing-through) this Thursday (23 May) at Astwood Bank School. Please bring along all your holiday dates so that James may begin to prepare a rehearsal schedule.

Here’s to an amazing show!