Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this year’s AGM took the form of a preliminary mailshot, allowing members to vote for the Alan Leadbeater Award and ask any questions, and a follow-up video presentation which covered all the usual AGM business, including awards and announcements.

The video presentation was created by Tony Jay (Chairman) and also featured Bob Taylor (President) and Sam Smith (Treasurer).

Alan Leadbeater Memorial Award Winner: Ryan Allen-Rose

This was the seventh year that this award has been presented. It is in honour of our dear friend and President, Alan, who passed away in 2013.

It is the only award whose winner is chosen by our members attending the AGM. It is for their favourite performance of the year, from a previously announced list of nominees chosen by the committee. It is not necessarily for the the biggest role, or most prominent performer of the year – a debut, or a cameo performance could equally be the performance our members enjoyed the most.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner of the award is RYAN ALLEN-ROSE, who was chosen for his role as ‘Munkustrap’ in our November 2019 production of ‘CATS’.

The photo shows Ryan in the role of Munkustrap.

Norman Wheeler Memorial Award Winner: Debs Mitchell

This annual award, dedicated to the memory of our late President Norman Wheeler, is presented at our AGM to a Society member who has, in one way or another, made an outstanding contribution to the Society in the past year.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s deserving recipient of this award is DEBS MITCHELL

Debs was recognised for all the hard work, help and support she gave throughout rehearsals for our production of CATS. Always approachable and available to help, in her role as Dance Captain she gave invaluable support to Paula, going along to many additional rehearsals, and always being willing to take people to one side to go through the routines with them.

Her patience, dedication and cheerful approachability are exemplary, and Debs is a great asset to our Society.

Life Membership of the Society: Pauline Sherlock

The highest honour the Society can bestow upon an individual is Life Membership of the Society.

Life Membership is not given often; and is not given lightly. It is not just awarded to people who have been with the Society for a long time – it is awarded to people who have made significant contributions to the Society over that time.

We are delighted to award Life Membership to PAULINE SHERLOCK.

Pauline has been a vital cog in our society’s success for many years. Having been with us as musical director, assistant musical director and, of course, accompanist extraordinaire for many years, we have all benefitted hugely from the wise words, dedication, compassion and incredible talent of Pauline, and are delighted to present this honour to show our grateful thanks for everything she has done for us.

Other Awards

Most Enthusiastic Newcomer to the society was awarded to KIRSTIE BOYDEN.

NODA Long Service Awards were given this year to:

  • Linda Beck – 45 Year Silver Bar
  • Barbara Hall – 45 Year Silver Bar
  • Jean Chalk – 40 Year Silver Bar
  • Paula Lacey – 35 Year Silver Bar
  • Louisa Pickles – 20 Year Badge
  • Simon Chalk – 20 Year Badge
  • Kelly Mitchell – 10 Year Badge

Many congratulations to them all. Thank you all for being continuing members of ROS.

Committee 2020/21

The committee for this year as appointed at the AGM, and thereafter, are as follows:

  • President: BOB TAYLOR
  • Chairman: TONY JAY
  • Treasurer: SAM SMITH
  • Secretary: JEAN CHALK
  • Committee Member: ROZ CHALK
  • Committee Member: ALISON DUGGAN
  • Committee Member: TESSA LODGE
  • Committee Member: PAUL MITCHELL
  • Co-opted (Marketing Manager): RYAN ALLEN-ROSE
  • Co-opted (Publicity Manager): KELLY MITCHELL
  • Invited Member: LISA SMITH
  • Honorary Member: ANN DUFFIN