Thank you, sincerely, to every single person who took the time and effort to audition for a role in Shrek the Musical on (or prior to) Sunday 15 May. The Audition Panel were bowled over by the talent and dedication on display.

The cast list is as follows:

CharacterTo be played by
ShrekPaul Mitchell
FionaSophie Hill
DonkeyRyan Allen-Rose
Lord FarquaadMatt Bridgewater
GingyHannah Fennell
Dragon [+]Lucy Traves
FionaRhiannon Street
DonkeyEd Morgan
Lord Farquaad(tbc)
Fairy Tale Creatures
Pinocchio (mic'd)Kirstie Boyden
Wolf (mic'd)Russell Hay
Pig 1 (mic'd)Sam Smith
Pig 2 (mic'd)Penny Hoy
Pig 3 (mic'd)Erin Brown
Ugly Duckling (mic'd)Elle Cross
Wicked Witch (mic'd)Roz Chalk
Mama Bear (mic'd)Beth Garden
Three Blind Mice (mic'd)Chloe Maeers, Kelly Mitchell, Rhiannon Street
Papa BearAbi Entwistle
Baby Bear(child - tbc)
Fairy GodmotherGill Rowland
White RabbitRachael Finch
Peter PanHannah Finch
Mad HatterAli Duggan
ElfKieron Hoult
Humpty DumptyJacob Finch
Other Characters (in order of appearance)
Mama Ogre [+]Liz Bird
Papa Ogre [+]John Reeves
Baby Ogre/Grumpy(child - tbc)
King Harold [+]Tim Eagleton
Queen Lillian [+]Tessa Lodge
Captain of the Guard [+]Mitch Mitchell
Thelonius [+]Phill Sproston
Singing Guards/Knights [+]David Eagleton, Ed Morgan, Steve Sidaway, Ethan Smith (Phill Sproston)
Duloc Greeter [+]Ana and Dimitri Zacharia
Young Fiona [+](child - tbc)
Teen Fiona [+]Millie Stanway
Bluebird [+]Vicky Khawaja
Pied Piper [+]Clare Bishop
Bishop [+]Tim Eagleton

Note: All those marked with a plus sign [+] and anybody not listed will also appear in the general company throughout the show.

We would like all principals (those with dialogue) to attend the first cast meeting (read-through) this Thursday (19 May) at Astwood Bank School. James will confirm who is called at Tuesday’s rehearsal. Please bring along all your holiday dates so that he may continue to update his rehearsal schedule.

Congratulations to all. Here’s to an amazing show!