The results are in! And we are delighted to announce the cast list for our November production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Our grateful thanks go to everybody who made the effort to audition for this show. You all did yourselves proud.

The audition panel were delighted by the level of talent on display and, as often is the case, could have cast some parts many times over. The discussions that followed the auditions were thorough and fair, and we hope that you will all congratulate, and support, the cast selected below:

CharacterTo be played by
QuasimodoDaniel Tomson
EsmeraldaLaura Woodall
Dom Claude FrolloMatt Bridgewater
ClopinRyan Allen-Rose
Capt PhoebusPaul Mitchell
Featured Roles
Gargoyles/Statues (6)Liz Bird, Rachael Finch, Mark Ramtohul, Sam Smith, Phill Sproston, Gill Rowland
Jehan Frollo [+]Matt Brown
Florika [+]Lucy Traves
Father Dupin [+]Edward Stokes
Lt. Frederic CharlusDimitri Zacharia
King Louis XI [+]John Reeves
Madame [+]Debs Mitchell
St Aphrodisius [+]David Charter
4 Additional Soloists [+]Tessa Lodge, Joy Sidaway, Steve Sidaway, Ana Zacharia

v1.1 – Updated 22/5/24 to finalise lists of Gargoyles and Additional Soloists.

Note: Those playing the roles marked [+] will all be mic’d, and will be additionally asked to sing various solo or small group lines throughout the show.